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Rachel Boeding '11

It's been three years since I graduated from BL and left its wonderful choir program, but I took so many memories with me. I still have fond ones of freshman year, performing in New York at Festival of Gold as part of the the JV and Women's Select choirs, singing with and cheering on my sister Anne Marie (Class of '08). The next three years in the mixed choir and Women's Select were packed with action.

After graduating, I attended Transylvania University in Lexington, KY and, of course, continued with choir. Moving so far away from home was hard, but worth it because of this amazing school. I am a junior now, and now have to start figuring out what to do with the rest of my life after I leave here. Still, choir has been a constant, and I am a member of three - Transylvania Choir (the mixed choir), Transylvania Singers (the women's ensemble), and Grace Notes (a women's acapella group). This is actually my second year as the co-president of Transylvania Singers and I am currently working on organizing the music collection for Grace Notes. I have sung wonderful and difficult pieces in each group, but some are familiar because of Bishop Lynch. We are currently working on three songs that I previously performed in high school and still love - "O Magnum Mysterium" and "Ubi Caritas" by Durufle in the mixed choir, and "Hotaru Koi" in Singers. Just hearing these songs again brings back so many memories, but performing them now has created new ones.

The event that prompted me to write this post was an upcoming opportunity to perform near Dallas during Spring Break this year! During our annual choir tour, the Transylvania Choir will be performing at Ridgelea Christian Church in Fort Worth on March 10th of this year. I am so exicted to get to sing so close to home (though actually an hour away from my actual home) and that my family will finally get to see me perform with this choir when our schedules are usually so busy that they would otherwise not be able to make the trip for any other concerts. Anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is welcome to come and watch as well.

This year, Bishop Lynch will graduate the last Boeding, Chris, but our family will always keep Bishop Lynch and its choir program in our hearts.

Christina Rhodes '08

Wow!!! I can't believe its been two almost three years since i graduated. I was in choir all 4 years of high school Alto all the way!!! I ave completed massage trade school and i am in te middle of finishing school to become a rehab therepist. I have been doing great I have actually just been married on October 30th I am now Mrs. Christina Wilkerson... i went further down in the alphabet... it's not fair! Here is a tip always listen to the Leos she knows what she is doing. Without her i wouldn't haave had the fun i did in school. Mrs. Leos thank you for all that you did for me and my family when my mother died and i plan on taking a trip back to Ireland soon in her honor. On a brighter note we are also trying for a baby wish us luck and I hope everyone is doing great and always do your best and have fun. I will always find joy in song.


Wow! How great to read such wonderful stories.  I was a student at Bishop Lynch from 85'-88', and was in choir my Freshman and Sophomore years.  Two of my fellow classmates have posted here...and I am thrilled to see how much they loved our trips to Florida and Mexico. For current students...enjoy this time in your will be treasured. For alumni...thanks for the memories!

Jennifer (Boelens) Roof

Dillon Anderson '06

Hey there! My name is Dillon Anderson and I graduate in 2006! I was in Choir all 4 years of my Bishop Lynch experience! I was JV Choir for 1 year, Advance Choir for 3 years, Men's Ensemble for 4 years, and Harmony Show Choir for 3 years and was the dance captain my senior year. I attended Oklahoma State University for 2 years as a Music Education major until I was presented with an opportunity to play in a band that showed a promising future. I played guitar for "First Class Fever" for 2 years until the band met it's demise. Through the connections I made i was presented with an even greater opportunity. Seven months ago I left everything in Dallas and moved out to Los Angeles, California where I know tour full time with Hollywood Records recording artist "Allstar Weekend". The band is currently #1 on Radio Disney with a debut album to be released June 22, 2010. I play guitar, keyboard, and sing backup vocals for the band in their live performance! You might see me on the disney channel every now and then ha! If you ever see the band coming to your city come up and say hi to me! I'll never forget my experience with the Bishop Lynch choir and owe a lot to Mrs. Kathy Leos for helping build my love for music! If it wasn't for the choir program and Mrs. Leos, I couldn't see myself doing what I love for a profession today!

Erika Franklin '04

Hello, My name is Erika Franklin and I graduated in 04. I was in choir all four years of high school. JV then Advanced for three years, Harmony Show Choir for three years, Women's Select for two years, Directors Ensemble for one year, and Music Ministry for two years. I often find myself missing those days of singing in choir. I am currently at the University of North Texas but plan to transfer to The University of Texas at Dallas to finish my degree in Early Childhood Education. I hope to graduate within two years and pursue a year of selling cars for the Cadillac dealership I currently work for. I am also engaged and plan to marry when I graduate. I hope that the choir program continues to grow and perform all over the world. -Erika

Anna Krajca Hines '87


I am a from the class of 1987! I was in the choir when it was just starting out. I believe my freshmen year was when the choir actually became a performing choir. Granted, it's was nothing like what it is now, but hey, it was the "birth" of it. I'm honored to have been apart of the history behind the choir.

Oh, my name is Anna (Krajca) Hines. I'm married now for over 11 years and have 3 beautiful kiddos. I live in Carrollton, Texas where I run a home daycare.

Anyway, back to being in the choir... I have such fond memories. We did a little bit of traveling - it was hard making those trips happen. I remember all the fund raising and can collecting we had to do to actually go, but it was so worth it. We traveled to Florida and then on to Mexico. Fun times! I still have my photo album of those trips!

I also remember doing a "Time Capsule" that is buried somewhere on campus. We made a tape of our choir singing. Pretty awesome stuff. Back when I was in the choir, Mrs. Leos was then Ms Carlozzi. We got to watch her fall in love with Mr. Leos. :)

Enjoy your time with Bishop Lynch and with the choir. It's those years who made me who I am today! Best of luck to all. If anyone would like to get in touch with me, my email is and my yahoo is ahines20. I would love to hear from former classmates.

Take care,

Anna (Krajca) Hines '87
Julie Covert Murphy '97
Just wanted to give my congrats to the choir members on a job well done in Rome this past Spring. I was so excited to read about your travels and just got finished looking at all your amazing pictures on the website. What an incredible way to represent not only BL but the much bigger Catholic community in the US! I must be honest I am a bit jealous of the choir getting to journey to Europe for its annual trip, but also could not be more proud. I graduated from BL in 1997 and was a part of choir for 3 out of my 4 years. I remember practicing in the old Band hall before the new building was even constructed. I am definitely dating myself now!! I was a part of the now defunct A Cappella Choir and also joined Women's Select my senior year. I traveled to Corpus Christi, Colorado and Walt Disney World for performances with the choirs. Choir not only provided me with fantastic friends and memories but gave me an incredible confidence that carried into college and beyond. Mrs. Leos is one of the most incredible teachers I've ever gotten to work with and I am so glad that she is still touching lives at BL in such a special way. Mrs. Leos, can you just hold on about 15-20 more years so I can get my future kids to BL and in choir :) As for me, I am currently working on my Masters in Higher Education Administration at Texas A&M University. I got my undergraduate degree in Business from Texas Christian University and worked in the "real world' for a couple years before deciding education was more of my calling. I currently work in the Office of Greek Life advising fraternity men and sorority women. I hope to work on the college level as the director for Greek Life or Student Activities after I finish my Masters in May '06! I also got married last year and after 2 years in College Station, TX, Sean and I hope to move back to DFW be closer to our friends and family as quickly as we can!!! Once I'm back in Dallas, I'll bring him to a choir concert so he can start to appreciate the BL choir and all it has to offer!!!
Carole Schrimpf '04

Hello, this is Carole Schrimpf class of 2004. I was in JV in 2000, moved onto Advanced in 2001, and was in Women's Select and Harmony. I must say that I am SO proud of the choir and their accomplishments and hope that the organization continues for a long time. I still find myself singing songs we performed when I was in choir! Anyway, I left for boot camp July 14th last year, after that I attended Hospital Corpsman A-school in Great Lakes, IL and am currently stationed at Great Lakes Naval Hospital until April of 2007. The Navy has treated me pretty well so far, though I don't know if I will pursue it as a career yet. I also got married April 23rd of this year and my husband Robert and I are expecting a baby boy within the next couple weeks and are very excited! It's crazy to see how much things change for people after high school. It is a whole different world out there. I look forward to hearing more good things about the choir coming up and wish y'all the best of luck in your performances this winter season and competitions in the spring. Take care, everyone! Carole E. Haas HM USN

Leo Amposta '97

My name is Leo Amposta, class of 97. I would like to just say how proud I am with the choir department, from trips, to all the productions that were put forth. Mrs. Leos is just one of a kind, able to captivate the minds of young adults and mold them into aspiring , successful, performing artists! I took part in Choir, Harmony Show, and even this choir program i dont even remember the name, (when i was a freshman!). The last big show I took part in with Harmony Show Choir, was GREASE!. And all those trips!!, Disneyworld, Corpus Christi, and Colorado! For my career, I Graduated from the Univ. of St. Thomas, in Houston, Tx, with my BBA in MIS,   I was also the director of music ministry there for 2 yrs for mass services. Currently, I work for Guitar Center, being located in Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, and now South Bend, Indiana. Music will be my life, and thank you Mrs. Leos for unleashing it in me. -all my regards! Leo Class of '97

Stacy Smith '98

First of all, huge congratulations to the BL Choir for such an incredible invite to the Vatican! I just got the email about it and am so impressed! I graduated from BL in 1998 and was a member of the Choir for 4 years and was one of the *original* members of the Harmony Show Choir. Anyone out there remember The Cat Came Back? Anyway, I  attended Austin College in lovely Sherman, graduated with a degree in Religion and Communications, and spent the next two years working with an interfaith non-profit organization in Washington, DC. After doing a stint back in Texas this summer at the Texas Faith Network, I enrolled in Union Theological Seminary of New York and am now studying theology with a focus in interreligious dialogue in the Big Apple (such irony). I am an inquirer for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and also working with the United Nations Church Center at Religions for Peace. Yes, folks, anyone who remembers me may (or may not, if you were in Theology classes with me!) be surprised that in a few years I will be a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Music has taken a back seat for me, but I still perform with the Union choir and Schola Cantorum music group, so it's still a part of my life. Also, I started a non-profit group in college called the Blue Hat Project which works with young people in the U.S. and Central America, promoting cultural understanding in solidarity through the visual, performing and communication arts. We have hosted two music festivals in Texas and supported cultural initiatives in El Salvador with young people who have extremely few resources and yet use music as a mechanism for peace and community development. So even if music performance doesn't become your passion, you never know where a love of the arts will take you! Many thanks for developing this website and way to get connected and MUCH luck to the Mrs. Leos and the choir with this incredible opportunity!     Stacy Smith '98

Maura Conomy Slater '01

Hello all! This is Maura Slater, I was a part of the J.V. Choir for a year, in Advanced Choir for Two years, and in Women's Select the year we went to Washington D.C. to compete in the Festival of Gold. After graduating from Bishop Lynch in 2001 I attended Barat College of DePaul University in Chicago, IL to major in Dance and Education; ironically one of the cities we traveled to during my time in the Bishop Lynch Choir. I then took a year long "sabbatical" from school, and traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan ( a former Soviet country in the Near East, just north of Iran). There I worked for the American Chamber of Commerce, and with my father, who is living and working there presently. I have now transferred to Columbia College Chicago, an arts school downtown Chicago. I am now double majoring in Early Childhood Education and Development, and Dance with a minor in Poetry. I often catch myself thinking back to my times spent at Bishop Lynch, and my time in choir was time well spent if you ask me. I wish all the best, and hope everyone is living life to the fullest! CARPE DIEM! Hope all is well with you Mrs. Leos! If anyone wishes to keep in touch feel free to email me at Best wishes from Chicago, IL!!! Hey, maybe we'll be seeing the choir return for a competition here??? hmmm...Maura Conomy Slater 9/17/04

Jessica Rogalski '03

Hi Everyone!

"For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control." 2 Timothy 1:7. I graduated from Lynch in 2003 and was proud to be a part of many of the wonderful choirs there! I am currently a freshman at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS and I am majoring in Religious Studies and Youth Ministry (so far) with a minor in Psychology. Here at Benedictine, I am in the Concert Chorale and also sing in the Latin Scholar for the 6:30 mass on Sundays, and choir here is not what I expected! We actually get to sit down during choir, which is a weird experience, but it made me realize how much standing during those long choir practices actually helps! It's much more relaxed here (which is weird and kind of frustrating) and we only get choir for 50 minutes, two times a week! The BL choir and especially Mrs. Leos really helped get me where I am today, and if I hadn't been in choir in High School (I almost wasn't) I would be completely lost in choir here! Right now, the concert chorale is working on 4 pieces for our spring concert: "O Clap Your Hands", "The Lord Bless You and Keep You", "O How Amiable", and the Rutter "Requiem". The "Requiem" is my favorite piece, its complicated and oh so very hard! It runs about 40 minutes long, and we're performing it with the St. Mary's College choir in Ft. Leavenworth in a month! I miss BL choirs so much and I still watch our old concerts with my friends! You guys are going to kick some major butt in NYC! I will keep all of you in my prayers. Since a lot of good things end as they began, I will leave you with a passage that I have found to be even more true to life (for me) now, then in high school "Let no one have contempt for your youth, but set an example for those who believe in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity" 1 Timothy 4:12. Have a great rest of the year and God bless!

Carrie Thomas Levonius '89
Caroline Thomas Levonius class of '89 here! I am so impressed with the program Mrs. Leos has developed for BL! I have very great memories of Choir at BL. Back when she wasn't Mrs. Leos yet... she took the choir to the choral competition in Florida. We all played on the beaches. Epcot Center!!!!! Mexico City after the earthquake! We watched a supposed drug deal from our hotel window. Singing for the poor families and the children giving us gifts like we were stars. Climbing the ruins with the guys from the university in Mexico City. We even performed for Mexican ESPN. I never experienced homesickness. Because of these wonderful experiences I had no qualms with traveling in college and beyond. I tried out for Guys and Dolls and totally flubbed up - I had never seen the play so didn't know anything about the style, or feel to the music. Oh well, being an extra taught me about stage presence and direction! I have been in 2 town plays in Pagosa Springs, CO since then and so have my 2 boys. I sing in the church choir and enjoy trying to improve the harmony since there is no "director". No one like Mrs. Leos anyway. I am not sure I can recall any of the girls names in the choir - it was 15 years ago- but I remember faces!! Thanks for the memories!!
Christen Johnson '03
HELLO BISHOP LYNCH CHOIR THIS IS CHRISTEN JOHNSON CLASS OF 03 COMING AT YA FROM NEW ORLEANS!!! I just realized that I haven't sent my lovely ex choir any updates about me since I left. As of this current moment I am single, in the gospel choir out here at Loyola and loving every moment of school. Don't let anyone tell you college isn't worth it, cause the experiences are unforgettable and irreplaceable. I'm majoring in English Writing with a minor in psychology and political science and I plan on becoming a successful lawyer and regular contributor to the music department at Bishop Lynch once I make my millions. A special hello to Mrs. Leos the most amazing choir teacher that I know and a shout out to all my friends that I miss so much!!!! I didn't want to name names in case I forgot someone, but just remember that I AM WATCHING YOU. Keep singing your hearts out and never forget that BL's talents aren't just on a field or a court and that even a choir can kick some butt sometimes goodbye and remember that I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Devonya Eddington '99

Hello to everyone who has posted on this board! I randomly contacted Mrs. Leos after hearing a lady on television singing "O Holy Night". It was a song the Women's Select Choir sang my graduation year of 1999. I heard the song and the next day I found myself on the Bishop Lynch website looking to see if any of the teachers I had still teach there. I went through all 4 years of Bishop Lynch. My junior year I joined the Advanced Choir and then senior year I was in Advanced and Women's Select. My best memories of High School are only because of the choir! A huge thanks goes to Mrs. Leos and the choir for school year 97-98 and 98-99. Does anyone remember this? I cant remember if it was Florida or Chicago but, the Advanced choir just stepped on stage and Mrs. Leos gave us our starting notes for a song (I cant remember the name). As soon as we opened our mouths it sounded HORRIBLE!. Finally after she gave us these notes twice, she realized she gave us the wrong notes. She had in fact given us the opening notes for the Women's Select song "Lift Thine Eyes". As soon as she gave us the correct notes we blew everyone in the auditorium away. I just recently graduated from UT Arlington in May of this year (2003) with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. I went full time during the school year plus both summer sessions every summer. Needless to say I'm tired! I see the choir has been invited to the Festival of Gold yet again but this time it is in New York. What a great opportunity. O yes, if any choirs get to go to Washington again, ask Mrs. Leos about the great Catholic church we went to that had a regular Catholic mass and a Gospel mass. Have a great time in New York. God Speed. And, Women's Select, when you get to New York, show all those choirs how powerful a small group of Catholic girls can be!

William George /98

I graduated from BL in 1998. I spent four years in the choir program there, as well as four years in the band program. The musical education that I received at Lynch was perfect in that it helped me firmly establish my goal of further study in the musical field. I went on to receive my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education with Honors in Music from Transylvania University, and am currently working on my Master of Music degree in Choral Conducting at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Mrs. Leos, through her unfailing dedication both as a musician and as an educator kept me on the right path to "choral enlightenment." I used her musical examples several times during my student teaching, even going so far as to call her at home in the middle of the night to ask questions about conducting technique and classroom management philosophy. I encourage every student involved in a BL choir to continue on in higher music pursuit when she gets to college, it is well worth it!

Lornil Buzon '03

Hi everyone! I graduated last year, 2003, baby! I'm at University of Texas at Arlington. I'm going into nursing. I was in choir all four years, and in Harmony my senior year..TARZAN. I hope ya'll have fun in choir. Advanced choir, have fun in New York! I know the Class of 2003 wish they could go with ya'll! Take care! Love ya lots! Lornil '03

Dustin Foster '02

Although not a graduate of Bishop Lynch, leaving my junior year, I had a wonderful time working with Mrs. Leos. I think she is a wonderful teacher and I have learned a lot from her and appreciate my two years I have spent with her. I currently attend cosmetology school and will go on to be an educational specialist for a major hair care line in New York City.

Jessica Dunn '02

New Year's greetings from good 'ol Wichita Falls (where the "Falls" are man-made)! Now, before I get into what I've been up to these past few months, allow me to elaborate on those responsible for getting me this far-YOU! You would not be receiving this letter if you had not, in some way, played a large role in my growth as a Christian individual which brings me to the next thing involved in my spiritual growth-God! Now, those of you who don't like religious stuff, please don't stop reading! These next few words are just a testament of how God has played a vital part in my survival as a recent high school graduate into a college freshman. Yes, I am a recent graduate of Bishop Lynch High School (as of May), Class of 2002! Woohoo! And although I was graciously blessed with many awards, recognitions, and scholarships, the honor which stands out most in my mind was being the recipient of the annual Corpus Christi Award, awarded to the Senior who showed love, not only for their peers, but also the Creator who made those fellow classmates. Now I am in my first year at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. I plan to major in Special Education, attaining a master's degree in that concentration. I am heavily involved in the Baptist Student Center where I fulfill a leadership role on Freshman Council and where I seek fellowship with other individuals to implement my God-given talents to encourage my fellow peers and help coordinate and organize the "B's" various functions. My current on-campus job entails  working in the Testing Services Center where I am responsible for assistance in proctoring and administering standardized tests and exams on campus. I am also enrolled in the Honors Program at Midwestern that allows me, not only time in my course of education to learn abroad, but an  opportunity to live in the Honors House. I am the Honors House representative through my participation in the Residence Hall Association. As you can see, however, through all of these activities, my first passion in life is still my faith, which has strained, stretched, but strengthened me to make me the person I am today. As Christians, we believe that Jesus is not only the Savior, but also one of the most important teachers who ever lived. He challenged normal practices and approaches and conveyed a message of hope to a people awaiting their Messiah and wanting guidance and direction in their lives. Although I realize there are laws that do not allow me to openly share my faith in a public classroom, I hope that through my teaching career, I can touch the lives of children without any hope and direction. I pray that they will look to me for guidance and ultimately, see where my own motivation is rooted. After graduating from college, whether that be with my masters or without, I would love to occupy my time as a teacher in Mexico and give mentally- and physically-handicapped children in Mexico the same opportunities for a better life as the children in America. I would not be able to do all I am now without the prayers and encouragement of others here on earth, too, I realize. One of those encouraging individuals I've been blessed to have encountered was a member of my graduating class. Brittany Ann Suhler died this past September in a car accident on her way home from St. Edward's University in Austin. Although it may be said in every eulogy and at every funeral service, I can honestly say that Brittany had no enemies. After reflecting long and hard on this, I found it to be so true; Brittany seemed to never be in a bad mood, often tired, yes, like the rest of us, but she never turned it into something bitter. She sincerely sought to know each individual personally and that 's what I liked best about Brittany. So, for any of her fellow classmates out there, or any Bishop Lynch alumni, for that matter, please take the time to visit Brittany's memorial website at and make a donation to the St. Edward's Scholarship in her name or buy her dad's latest blues CD dedicated to her, if you are able. Last, I'll leave you with these encouraging words Seek your happiness in the Lord and he will give you your heart's desire. Give yourself to the Lord, trust in him, and he will help you. Psalm 37:4-5 May the joy of Christ's arrival fill you with love, Jessica Dunn

Aaron Gallagher '99

A fine hello from Sherman Texas, I graduated from BL in 1999 after a wild ride of four years. I discovered singing my Junior year and joined the Advanced choir the same semester (after much influence by Heidi). I was a member of Advanced for two years and a member of Harmony for 1. I am currently a Senior at Austin College in beautiful, mundane Sherman. I am a Theatre Major currently working on my Senior Honors Thesis. I am directing Peter Shaffer's Amadeus this March. If anyone wants to come its Feb 27, 28 March 1. I guarantee it is unlike anything you have ever imagined Amadeus to be. I have been quite a busy bee in the department. I have been in 17 major productions including Midsummer, Macbeth, Harvey, Three penny Opera, Company, Working, A Lie of the Mind, The Zoo Story, Equus, and Corpus Christi. I am also currently the president of our chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, the national Dramatic Honors Fraternity. The choir experience still holds on for me. I am a voice minor and I have been in our A Cappella Choir since my freshman year and have enjoyed being Tenor Section leader for two years. I currently serve as the President of the Choir. I have also studied voice since my freshman year. I am applying to grad school (MFA Acting) all over the place including University of Washington, DePaul, University of California at San Diego, Yale, SMU, and Ohio State. I will never forget all the memories made in my time at BL through the choir and I wish everyone the best of luck in all that they do. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Maxey Whitehead '00

Hi! I am currently a Junior at Southwest Texas State University pursuing my BFA in acting. I absolutely adore the school and could not be happier with the amazing training that i am receiving. I will be spending a few weeks in Stratford, London this summer staying at the Shakespeare Conservatory and studying with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Globe Theatre. It should be an experience of a lifetime. I was in choir here my first semester, but college choir is very different from high school choir, so theatre took precedence after that. I was in choir at Lynch all 4 years. (JV the first year and Adv./Select/Harmony the 3 years after that.) I was also the Treasurer for the department my Senior year. I do miss choir was very hard, but acting just takes it out of you...especially now that I'm in all upper level would be kind of nice sometimes to not have to worry about anything accept choir...ha-ha. Regardless, I could not be happier with my career choice. As hard as it is, I can't imagine doing anything else. It makes me a whole person.

Matt Neumann '01

I am at the University of Texas. I am a Music major, emphasis on Vocal Performance. I am studying under Nikita Strojev. This school's music program is very time consuming and challenging, but I am enjoying every moment of it. I am a member of the concert chorale, and in the spring, our choir will be performing at Carnigie Hall. I was a BL choir member from Fall 1997-Spring 2001.

Karen Sheppard '01

I graduated from Bishop Lynch in 2001. From my freshman to my senior year I was in Women's Select Choir and Advanced Choir. My Junior year Matt Neumann (2001) started a Super Select Honors Advanced Choir (We called it "sshac".) I was in that my junior through senior year. My senior year I became the choir's Secretary. Now I am in my second year at the University of North Texas as a Vocal Performance Major.

Benjamin Taylor '01
I graduated from Bishop Lynch in 2001, and I am thrilled to return to Brookhaven's stage for the second year. Last year I was last seen as Sascha in A DAY IN HOLLYWOOD, A NIGHT IN THE UKRAINE. Other productions include working backstage on SEND ME NO FLOWERS and has been in the cast of STATE FAIR at BCT. I am also a student here at  Brookhaven studying theater, stagecraft, dance, and fine art. This year in theater I am in a show right now called THE MISER it just opened on the 17th of October. I will be going to St. Edward's in Austin next fall. Until then I will be doing many plays this year.
Heidi Kuglin '99
I am a Senior at Southern Methodist University. At Bishop Lynch, I was a member of Harmony and Select Choirs from my Sophomore year when I transferred in until my senior year. I was also a member of Advanced Choir my Sophomore and Junior years. Both Junior and Senior year I was the Select Representative, or student director of Select. At SMU I am a business and History double major with Spanish Minor. I sang in the University Concert Choir and Women's Ensemble for two years before my involvement as a Student Body Officer became too big to stay singing. Currently, I am in the finishing stages of a 75 page thesis on my grandfather's company in World War Two, which should begin the publishing process next semester, so keep your eyes open! I consistently sing for my sorority in multiple different events on campus By May, I hope to be out in the "real world: working while I decide whether/which graduate school I might want to attend. If anyone is interested, my graduation is on May 17th: I would love to see anyone there!
Sarah Karnowski '02

I am at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches which is in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

I am a Child Development and Family Living major. With the hopes of being a Child Life Specialist. I was in choir my whole hich school career, from 1988-2002 and in Women's Select from 2001-2002.

Bernie Fagarang '01
I'm a graduate of the class of 2001. While at Bishop Lynch I was a 4 year member in the choir program. I part of the Junior Varsity Choir, the Advanced Choir, a three year member of the Women's Select Choir, and the manager for the Harmony Show Choir. I currently am a sophomore majoring at Belmont Abbey College, just ten minutes north of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. I am currently a psychology major, however I have already changed my major three different times. Hopefully, I can stick to this one! I'm involved in Campus Ministry, serving as a lector and a musician. My current love right now is theater. Since I've been at Belmont I have appeared in the community/college theater in the part of "Robin" in Godspell. I hope to continue with the Abbey Players/Belmont Community Theatrer in the next two years of my college lift. However, despite all the good times I have experienced here at the Abbey, my heart still belongs at Bishop Lynch. Go Friars!
Cheryl Lovelady '01
Hello everyone, this is Cheryl Lovelady a the University of Texas at Austin. I'm currently majoring in the Plan II Honors Program with a minor in Business. I'm also auditioning for the UT Music  School for the Bachelor of Music Studies program. I'm producing this year for the student theatre group the Broccoli Project, and thinking about doing theatre management as a career. I was in the Longhorn Singers Show Choir at UT< and am now part of the Concert Chorale, which is giving a concert at Carnegie Hall (!) this coming spring, so if you have any questions about the University of Texas, student theatre, or the choir program specificially, email me. I was in the BL choirs from 1997-2001, and was student director of Select from 1999-2001.
Jill Baker '02
I am currently a Freshman @ El Centro College, studying Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, and Food Management. Right now, I am working at  Abacus Restaurant, one of Dallas' finest restaurants, (check it out at as a pastry line chef. There, I am learning about the restaurant industry through experience and hands on training. I was in the BL choir from Fall of 1998-Spring of 2002. I was in JV(1998-1999), Adv, (99-02), Select (99-02), Harmony (00-02).
Jennifer Jansen '00
I graduated from Bishop Lynch in 2000. I'm currently a Junior at Texas A&M University (Whoop!!!) After being in 5 different choirs (4 from BL) during High School I went on to  join the Women's Chorus at  A&M. I absolutely love singing but am not pursuing a career in it as I am actually a Geography major with a minor in Anthropology. Gig 'Em Aggies!
Jenny Crane '01

Hi everyone. Bishop Lynch Class of 2001. I can hardly believe its been only 2 yars, not even, since I've graduated! Let's see, I was in Advanced Choir for 2.5 years, Harmony for 2 and The Honors Ensemble for 1 (Go SHHAC!). My favorite times in choir were those lover-ly rehearsals for SSHAC (*bop* everyone!) And the dancing in Harmony (we looked *Great* in the mirrors, didn't we?). Well, I am at the University of Dallas as a sophomore politics major (Pre-law) after my freshman year at Hillsdale college in Michigan (the winters got a bit too cold for me!). the only time I can be heard singing  now a days is either in the shower or in my dorm room (much to the chagrin of my roommate). After all the memorable times in choir at Bishop Lynch, I just didn't have the heart to join any other vocal group! And speaking of memories, how can I leave my dad out! He misses his yearly chaperoning trips with us, and sasy Hi. Thank goodness he finally changed buses senior year, else what wouldwe have done after the crash! Super Dad!! I hope all of you , be you alumni or current BL'ers, have a Wonderful Year!

God Bless!

Mary Anne Tosetto '00
I am a Junior at the University of  Dallas. I just returned at the end of May from my semester in  Rome, which I cannot even begin to describe, amazing is good start. I traveled throughout all of Europe, seeing everything, and as far as music goes, hearing everything!! One of my favorites was a choir that sang in the Pantheon on Pentecost Sunday and a children's choir in Vienna, sigh, what I wouldn't give to go back, which I will. Anyway, I am an undeclared Psych major with an International  Studies concentration, maaking this by far the hardest semester I have ever had. I am a three year member of Collegium Cantorum, which while incredibly time consuming is absolutely amazing. I hope to go back to Europe with the choir this summer. At BL, I was in Advanced, Select and the Honors Choir (Matthews Choir!) and I still remember all those car washes and choir trips, from Florida to D.C. to the Kennedy Center. Good luck to all!! In bocca al lupo!!
Jessica Dunn '02

My name is Jessica Dunn and I am a recent graduate of Bishop Lynch, Class of 2002! Woohoo! I was a member of Advanced Choir my sophomore, junior, and senior year (1999-2002) in which I served as Prayer 'N Care Committee Chair junior and senior years.

I am now a freshman at Midwestern State University here in Wichita Falls where I plan to major in Special Education, attaingin a master's degree in that concentration and am already registered as a student member of the Council for Exceptional Children as my advisor, Dr. Millie Gore, suggested. I am heavily involved in the Baptist Student Ministry and Freshman Council where I seek fellowship with other Christians and to implement my God-given talents to sing, encourage my fellow peers, and help coordinate and organize "The B's" various functions.

My current on-campus job entails me working in the Testing Services Center where I am responsible for assistance in proctoring and administering standardized tests and exams on campus. I am also enrolled in the Honors Program at Midwestern that allows me, not only time in my course of education to learn abroad, but an opportunity to live in the Honors House. I am the Honors House representative through my participation in the Residence Hall Association.

My first passion in life is my faith, which has strained, stretched, but strengthened me to make me the person I am today. I am a Christian and as you know, we are taught that the most important teacher who ever lived was Jesus. He challenged normal practices and approaches and conveyed a message of hope to a people awaiting their Messiah and wanting guidance and direction in their lives. Although I realize there are laws that do not allow me to openly share my faith in a public classroom, I hope that through my teaching career, I can touch the lives of children without any hope and direction. I pray that they will look, to me for guidance and ultimately, see where my own motivation is rooted.

After graduating from college, whether that be with my masters or without, I would love to occupy my time as a missionary and teacher in Mexico, implementing my Spanish that I have ardently studied in school, and give mentally- and physically-handicapped children in Mexico the same opprotunities for a better life as the children in America.

I would not be able to do all I am now without the prayers and encouragement of others, however, and that's where much of choir's influence helped me in my life. Starting every rehearsal with a prayer was such a blessing and encouragement and a reminder to all of us that our gift of singing was gracefully given by God, therefore we should sing to the best of our ability because God gave it to us to use to minister to others.

I'm very proud to say I was a part of the award-winning Bishop Lynch choir, and even now, I realize how much I truly miss the discipline and pleasure of practice and performance, especially since time does not allow me to be in a choir currently. However, I encourage all the current choir members to "stick with it" because singing is one of those unique gifts that only God can grant. Make sure you're using it to glorify Him and he will reward you for your hard labor.

Seek your happiness in the Lord and he will give you your heart's desire. Give yourself to the Lord, trust in him and he will help you. Psalm 37:4-5

Does that mean another award-winning year? I don't know. I can't guarantee everything! I know you will be very close, though.

In Christ's Everlasting Love, Jessica Dunn

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