National Honor Society

  • Students dedicated to scholarship, leadership, character, and service who work to support the school's academic mission
  • Meeting Times: monthly, 1st or 2nd Wednesday during Activity Period
  • Activities: various service opportunities, tutoring
  • Procedure to Join: elected by Faculty Selection Committee during Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Year
  • Cost: $5 dues per semester for club projects
  • Moderator: Sr. Cecilia Sehr

National Honor Society Induction Process

Invitation letters are sent out to candidates as soon as Grade Point Averages (GPA) are available in the Fall and the Spring. The Fall Induction is for Seniors only. The Spring induction is for Sophomores and Juniors.

The GPA required for eligibility is 93.0. Those students who are eligible are assigned a member of the National Honor Society Faculty Selection Committee who gives them an application and is available to answer any questions. The candidate usually has at least two weeks to turn in an application and obtain letters of recommendation.

The Faculty Selection Committee evaluates the application with input from the faculty in general. The applicants are informed by letter of the results of the evaluation. The Induction Ceremony follows in one or two weeks. Evaluation of the application is based on the four pillars of scholarship, character, leadership and service. Specific criteria are listed below:


Scholarship is based on the cumulative grade point average of 93.0. If students meet this criterion, they are then elligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership and character


This is highly important for membership selection. Several documented instances of strong leadership in the school and/or community are required. The candidate may hold school offices, offices in a church organization such as a teen ministry group, or be the leader of a community organization such as Boy or Girl Scouts. This leadership should be evident throughout their high school years. A variety of leadership roles is encouraged as evidence of a well-rounded individual.


Service is defined as actions undertaken by the student without financial or material compensation. It could be represented by volunteer work at nursing homes, hospitals, church carnivals, church bible school, or any work with the very young, very old, poor or disadvantaged. Consistency is required with 40 or more hours per school year being common among those admitted to membership.


The candidate should demonstrate the six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship. The member must cheerfully comply with school regulations, obey instructions inside and outside of the classroom, be truthful, be unwilling to profit from the mistakes of others, show care, concern, and respect for both his peers and adults, and actively help to rid the school of bad influences and environment.

Parents and students must understand that membership in the society is an honor and not a right. Every attempt is made to be fair to the candidate and to the principles upon which this Society was founded in 1921.

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