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Band Courses

Beginning Band

Grades 9 - 10; Two semesters; 1 credit Fine Arts. Prerequisite: No experience needed; Instructor's signature.

It is unusual for a high school to offer a beginning band class, since most students begin learning a band instrument in elementary or middle school. Recognizing that many of our feeder schools do not offer a band class as an option, Bishop Lynch offers a Beginning Band class that covers the materials typically covered in two years of middle school band. This class is designed for students who have a genuine interest in being in the Bishop Lynch Marching and Symphonic Band the following year. Allowing each student to work at his or her individual pace, this class is ideal for a variety of beginner level students.

Enroll in this class if you fit one or more of the following descriptions:
You've never played a musical instrument, but would like to learn!
You play a band instrument, but consider yourself to be a beginner.
You played a band instrument, but have taken some time off and would like to play again.
You play a non-band instrument (guitar, piano, etc.) but would like to learn to play a band instrument.

Beginning Band members must either rent or purchase their own musical instrument and accessories. Some school instruments are available for a small annual rental fee. Percussionists (drummers) will be required to take a supplemental weekly private lesson for the BL percussion instructor at his or her own expense. It is imperative that students practice at home to develop their skills. Depending upon the skill level attained in the 1st semester, some students may transfer into the Symphonic Band for the second semester. For most students this year-long class will be a preparation for entering the Marching/Symphonic Band the following school year.

Beginning Band students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in all BL Band activities along with the members of the BL Marching and Symphonic Band, including all pep rallies, football games, school assemblies, concerts, contests and the Spring Band Trip. Students are required to attend additional before- or after-school rehearsals before the 2 or 3 performances each semester. Nominal Beginning Band fees are required for the Band polo and bus travel. Additional fees will be required for participation in the Band Trip. Parents are invited to participate in the BL Band Booster Club.

BL Marching and Symphonic Band

For Grades 9 - 12; Two semesters; 1/2 credit PE - 1st semester/ Marching Band; 1/2 credit Fine Arts - 2nd semester/Symphonic Band. Prerequisite: At least two years of experience on a band instrument required; Band Director's signature.

Fall semester the Marching Band serves primarily as a spirit group for and supporter of the BLHS varsity football team. Earning PE credit, members fine tune motor skills and develop their instrumental abilities through the performance of marching band drill outdoors.In addition to half-time performances at all varsity football games, this band performs at pep rallies, parades, concerts and contests. Spring Semester the Symphonic Band allows students the opportunity to continue their instrumental development at the most advanced levels, including the performance of a solo or small ensemble.

Concert performances are given periodically throughout the year and at TPSMEA and invitational contests and events. Attendance at before- and after-school rehearsals both semesters is required. It is imperative that students spend time practicing at home to develop their skills and to prepare for rehearsals. The Band travels extensively to perform at off-campus varsity football games and compete at various TPSMEA contests, in addition to enjoying a 5 day Spring Band Trip to an exciting location. Comfortable, safe charter busses rather than school busses are arranged for long trips.

Band members must either rent or purchase their own musical instrument and accessories. Some school instruments are available for a small annual rental fee. Band fees are required to cover the various expenses including the upkeep of uniforms, travel, and the annual Band Trip. Students are encouraged but not required to take a supplemental weekly private lessons at his or her own expense. Parents are encouraged to become members of the Band Booster Club, which offers opportunities to volunteer to offset necessary band costs.

Instrumental Ensemble

Grades 11-12; Two semesters, 1 credit Elective. Prerequisite: Membership in Band; Band Director's signature.

This class is designed for upperclassmen who desire a more focused and intense musical experience. Students will study one-on-one with the instructor as well as in groups. The class will focus on upper level fundamentals of instrumental music. Students will practice and perform solos and small ensembles in a class setting as well as in public. Students will listen to and critique ad volume of musical works by mains tram composers in a variety of different style periods. Students will provide feedback, insight and opinions relating to music history, jazz, artistic musical expressions, pop music, and the relationship that music and culture share.


For Grades 9 - 12; One semester; 1/2 credit Elective. Prerequisite: Band Director's signature.

Working closely with the Marching Band, this class fuses dance, movement, music, equipment, precision marching, and pageantry. The Colorguard performs during half-time shows along with the Band at all home and away football games. Before- and after-school rehearsals outdoors are required. Colorguard fees are required for uniforms, accessories, and travel expenses. Colorguard performs at some pep rallies and at the Band Christmas Concert. The members of Colorguard are encouraged, but not required to participate in 2nd semester Winterguard.


For Grades 9 - 12; One semester; 1/2 credit Elective. Prerequisite: Band Director's signature.

This class integrates dance and artistic expression into routines that fuse dance, movement, music and equipment. The Winterguard performs and competes at indoor contests and concerts, including the Band Spring Concert. They also participate in the Spring Band trip, competing at a national competition. Before- and after-school rehearsals are mandatory. Winterguard fees are required for uniforms, accessories, and travel expenses.

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