Steps to Forming a new Club

If you share a strong interest in a hobby or subject with several friends or fellow students, you might want to consider forming a club. By forming an official organization, you can receive recognition from the public and school officials, and serve as advocates of other students.

Forming a club can also give you great experience that you can use in the future. By starting a club and acting as a club officer, you will gain valuable experience that you can add to your college applications.

The most important requirements for starting a successful club are interest and commitment. Once you know you have a team willing to commit to a regular meeting time and a cause, you can manage the rest with ease. Next you will need clear organization and structure, which will help to keep the club together in slow times or in the event of a disagreement. 

  1. Arrange an informal meeting with those interested. This would be the opportunity to discuss your aims and objectives, whether or not you will charge a membership fee, what activities might interest the club members, and when/how often the club will meet.
  2. Decide on what positions you need (i.e. President, Vice-President, etc.) and what the roles for each will be.
  3. Make sure you have a moderator. This should be a current faculty/staff member who will be responsible for overseeing the activities of the club.
  4. Determine the mission of the club. Write down the purpose of the club and what you plan for its members. Is there a need for fund-raising and if so, how do you plan to accomplish that?
  5. Provide a roster of at least five interested students. Before the club can be authorized, you must be sure that there is an interest.
  6. Finally, all information should be presented to the Director of Student Activities. As the representative of the Administration, he/she will present the new club to the administration for approval.

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