Willie Baronet, We are all homeless

Lecture date: November 11, 2015

Link to speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3suseUtV-Yk

Student Comments:

Listening to this lecture about how everyone is homeless, has taught me that there are a lot of amazing people that don't have a home. Willie Baronet is a very influential person that has shown us all how important it is to treat everyone with respect. Homeless people deserve the same amount of self-respect. This Leyden Lecture has taught me how important it is to stop, and give everyone a smile. I will for sure stop and wave every time I see a homeless person on the street! 

He was a great speaker and I enjoyed listening to him!

- Kate Schindel 

I think that Mr. Baronet's idea of buying the sign, at least smiling, and/or talking with the homeless is a great idea that I would like to adopt. It really broke my heart to see that many veterans, artists, and mentally disabled people were on the streets. I liked the story of a man named Michael who was a veteran who lost his leg. He and a Lakota Native American named Running Bull would share their money with each other to help as much as possible. I also asked Mr. Baronet what was the reason that kept the people he met going. He said that some would say their pets, some close friend that they had each others back, and family or someone they were taking care of.

-Theo Uhrik

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