Rais - World without Hate


Lecture date: April 16, 2014

Mission: The mission of World Without Hate is to end the cycle of hate and violence through the practice of restorative forgiveness. World Without Hate aims to prevent hate crimes through education and the practice of compassion, forgiveness, and healing.

The title of his lecture: World without Hate

Link to speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8VXJXYhjiM 

Student Comments:

Rais was a brilliant speaker.  His story is amazing and enthralling.  From just surviving the attack to actually forgiving his attacker, he possessed an enormous amount of faith.  His faith carried him through all of his surgeries and through his process of working to get his attacker off death row.  His organization, World Without Hate, is a wonderful idea and cause, but I do not believe its goal is plausible.  It is great that people believe and try to spread world peace, but we are human beings, and conflict is in our nature.  Conflict comes from our free will to believe in different ideologies, thus when these beliefs contradict each other, there is conflict.  Rais’s story is an inspiring story that should change all of us and empower us to be forgiving and filled with kindness instead of hate.  We should all try to resolve our differences through peaceful means before we turn to our last resort – violence.  I agree with all that Rais said and did, and I am so glad I had the extraordinary opportunity to listen to his story and be influenced by his incredible faith.   -Dalton Hoelscher




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