Lost Boys of Sudan, featuring Angelo

Lecture date: September 24, 2015

Link to speech: https://youtu.be/uCOHo183vVk

Student Comments:

The BL community is so blessed to have such an amazing speaker like Angelo. No human should ever have to experience what he had to undergo since the age of 9. Also, it’s inconceivable that he had to witness The Enemy murdering so many friends, neighbors, etc., with the intentions of genocide of his race. I am really glad that Angelo gave us the opportunity to listen to his miraculous journey from barely escaping unbearable starvation and severe dehydration to having the chance to start a whole new life with security and a plethora of opportunities. This young man is such an inspiration! Thanks to him, my eyes have been opened wider in order to encompass reality outside of my petty needs. He showed me how blessed I was to be able to eat, drink, study, pray, etc., any time wanted, while so many others are persecuted and denied the basic necessities of life. In addition, Angelo mentioned how he found Christ and my heart just melted; how amazing God’s miracles are for helping him through that horrific and brutal stage in life and help him to never lose faith! It was truly an honor to hear Angelo’s testimony, and I hope that other BL students were as touched as me. - Jennifer Morgan, 12th grade 2015-2016

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