LiNK - Liberty in North Korea

Lecture date: November 20, 2013

Organization website:

Presentation video:

Student Comments:

"I attended the Leyden Lecture Series presentation of LiNK, which stands for Liberty in North Korea. This presentation made me understand why people from other countries strive to live in the United States. It also showed me that life can be worse in other parts of the world. People in North Korea are suffering and are determined to escape the harsh dictatorship of Kim Jong Un's beliefs. Kim Jong Un is keeping his people from knowing freedom and life outside of North Korea. He is trying to control them, and he's letting their talents and skills go to waste when his people want to be successful. I feel that some people will say because it's not happening in the U.S. that it doesn't involve us; however, it does involve all of us to make a difference! If we don't do anything to help the people in North Korea have better lives, then we are also at fault because we are just standing by watching it happen."

"In the lecture regarding rescuing refugees from North Korea, I was incredibly motivated to look more into the program in order to get involved. I found it incredibly troubling that such a few number of people have successfully escaped the country. I do not understand why the rest of the countries of the world have allowed a country as small and underdeveloped as North Korea to oppress and control its people so harshly. In my opinion, North Korea is the perfect example of a dictatorship in which the country especially requires reform and change; otherwise it will end disastrously. The story of Danny and the few other survivors gives me hope that at some point in the near future, North Korea will be forced to give its people freedom."

"No words could ever fully heal the wounds left by the pain and suffering that the North Korean government inflicted upon its people. Honestly, I never knew just how great of living conditions I have compared to the terrible living conditions of the North Koreans until after listening to the lecture. My heart, as well as many others, goes out to North Korea. The qualities of strength and perseverance that the North Korean refugees possess are truly honorable. Americans have lost the ability to strive for the common good and to be thankful for the free life God has bestowed on them. However, no North Korean refugee suffers from this lack of skills because of the fact that they know exactly what the feeling of being a slave of the government entitles."




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