Jack Repp, Holocaust Survivor

Lecture date: August 30, 2016 

Jack Repp Biography

His presentation will fit perfectly with the students’ selection for Summer Reading – Maus, by Art Spiegelman.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYpPaCx6CWw

Student comments:

"I am thankful for the benefits of being able to go to school, basic necessities, life, and people who care about me. his story made me realize that we take things for granted sometimes and that it could always be worse."

I am thankful for the benefits of being able to go to school, basic necessities, life, and people who care about me. his story made me realize that we take things for granted sometimes and that it could always be worse.

This was powerful and inspiring. To think that a person could go through all of that pain and suffering and still be able to say he had a good life is amazing

The speaker presented the Holocaust in a new light to me. Through this speaker I was able to realize the true struggles each person faced against the Nazis. I now know more truly of the horrors that the Nazis inflicted on the people. The Leyden Lecture taught me that history has yet more to teach me.

I feel like it was amazing how he spoke about his experiences. I am especially amazed on how he had the courage to tell us his story. I was also amazed on how he kept being strong throughout his time being tortured. The part that really got to me was when he went in the role call line and they took his gold tooth and he describe his mouth and how he had to rinse. I am very happy thought that he got to go to college and meet his wife and have a happy life after.

After listening to the Leyden Lecture, I am really moved. I now become very thankful to what I do have, where i can go to school, and how much better my life is now than the Holocaust victims' lives. I now regret for all the moments that I used to complain about how badly my life goes. I really should not have done that. I should enjoy it and appreciate it. And do my best to study and make myself deserve what I have.

The lecture was very emotional yet meaningful to me. It's not every day that I get to hear from a Holocaust survivor, and I know not very many chances will come my way. I've learned that appreciating the little things in life can go a long way, especially because not everyone has the things I have. Hearing such an inspiring story makes me feel heavy hearted yet grateful. His life at my age was completely different than how mine is now, and I find that very sad but amazed by how far he's come.
The speaker today was very moving. It was very interesting to hear from the an actual survivor compared to reading about it in a history book. His story made me realize that God works in mysterious ways, and I was very moved how he never lost faith in that God was watching for him to make sure he lived a good life after his tragedies in the Holocaust. I enjoyed how he never lost sight of how life is beautiful and that there were better things waiting for him. I enjoyed the speaker today very much.

There was never a dull moment in Jack's speech. I was moved in every second, especially with his ending theme: he found life beautiful even after all the wrongs done against him. The Holocaust becomes very real with Jack's  licentious, descriptive story. I was able to reflect the events occurring today with the events occurring in WWII. With Jack's speech, I will be able to be more watchful for oppression.

Jack Repp was a very emotional. His lecture was very educational and gave us a very realistic view on how his life was during holocaust. His lecture was very powerful also, his story and the way he said it made it very emotional. The way the lecture ended was very deep; he answered a question about how the defining moment that made him realize how beautiful life was. In conclusion, Mr. Repp's was very emotional, educational, and made gave us a perspective on how harsh the holocaust was.

The lecture today was one of the most riveting ones I've ever attended. It made me realize how tiny my struggles are compared to those of thousands of youths in the Holocaust, if they can be compared at all. It just puts everything into perspective.  Mr. Repp has an incredible story, one which I'm so glad I've heard. I don't think many teens realize how few people there are out there like him- and how much we have to learn from them before they're gone.

The speaker inspired me because he taught me that there are more important things in life. When he told us about his life in the Holicost it opened my eyes to a whole other world of poverty and real life suffering. Hearing about being beaten time after time and being barely fed was especially triggering because I could never survive something like that. Seeing that someone did in fact make it through that was awe inspiring. I loved learning about the trials of someone else and getting to take away lessons from it is even cooler.

Life is beautiful.  Even though Holocaust survivor Jack Repp struggled throughout his life, he still believes that all life is valuable.  The lecture was extremely poignant and emotional, and the audience learned many valuable life lessons throughout the hour-long presentation. The Holocaust had a profound impact on many Jewish people during the 1930s and 40s.  I felt truly blessed to hear and experience his story today!

The Holocaust is such a big event in history, and being able to listen to someone who experienced it was something I don't think I'll ever forget. I'll admit, I wasn't able to understand everything he said due to his accent, but the stories I did understand impacted me. Something I had thought much about was what survivors faced immediately after the Holocaust. Jack Repp said he was 69 pounds and was in the hospital for four months. I felt like I learned a lot just from that one statement. Despite having an extremely tough subject to talk about, Jack Repp was an entertaining speaker, and I was very glad that I got to attend this segment of the Leyden Lecture Series.

I loved the speaker and his message. Despite having to go through the Holocaust, his outlook on life is incredible. I always find it fascinating to hear about Holocaust survivor stories. He told us jokes and really engaged the audience and made me eager to hear more about his experiences. It was the perfect supplement to Maus!

I like hearing what he had to say. I have always liked listening to others stories. In a few year we won't be able to hear what his generation went through. They won't be around for much longer so we should listen to their stories while we have the chance. He had a very interesting view on life.

Mr. Repp made a moving speech. I admire that he still considered life beautiful even when he going through the Holocaust. His speech inspired me to consider all the things I should grateful for in my life. Listening to the speech helped me to realize that I need to look at all the people around me and be thankful that they treat me with the respect that I deserve. Because of his lecture, I was able to go deeper into how people felt and exactly what happened to people in the Holocaust. I enjoyed listening to his speech, and look forward to more lectures this year.

It was such an amazing experience to be in the presence of a man who lived through what today we study in the classroom. The fact that he had survived the Holocaust and could still say that "life is beautiful" astonished me. His attitude was beautiful and I learned so much from him. It was impossible to not be angry at these people who made Jews suffer like that. I was proud to hear of our American soldiers comforting him and showing this man the first kindness he had received in over 6 years of captivity. His story was moving and I was glad that I got to better understand what the horrors of the Holocaust and WWII really were. Thank you.

"If I had to remember three key aspects of Mr. Repp's speech, it would be these:
1. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.
Mr. Repp explained this by telling the story of how he lied about his age so he could avoid being sent to the crematorium, and if it wasn't for that leap of faith, he wouldn't have been here today.
2. Good behavior is key.
He insisted that by behaving well and doing as you're told will help you in the long run. He always followed the commands of the camps and volunteered when asked, and look where he is standing today.
3. All things work for and through God.
Mr. Repp went through one of the most brutal and torturing times in history, and he insists that he got through all of it because God is good is loyal to his servants."

Seeing an actual survivor was very interesting. I loved listening to him talk about how he persevered through all of the struggles in his life. I can only imagine the horrors that he had witnessed in his life. He really showed his strength and resilience when he told us that life is beautiful. The entire speech was very triggering and I loved to hear the tear jerking moments of this mans life.

I attended the lecture that had the holocaust speaker. It was beautiful and inspiring to hear what he had to say. I was baffled at the horrific things he had and others had to do. I was especially inspired that he was still making jokes and was happy despite his history. It inspired me that no matter what happens in life it is still beautiful and something to celebrate.

Jack Repp's story was deeply moving and conveyed the horrors of the Holocaust in a way that no other medium can. Being in the presence of someone who has endured so much is truly an awe-inspiring experience. I am very glad that he was able to share his story with us and took the time out of his day to do so. He offered further insight as to what Vladek experienced in Auschwitz and what Art felt hearing these tales from his father. It was an honor to be able to hear Jack speak, and I am very glad that Bishop Lynch has given me the opportunity to do so.

The speaker inspired me because he taught me that there are more important things in life. When he told us about his life in the Holocost it opened my eyes to a whole other world of poverty and real life suffering. Hearing about being beaten time after time and being barely fed was especially startling because I could never survive something like that. Seeing that someone did in fact make it through that was amazingly inspiring. I loved learning about the history of someone important and a part of history and getting to take away lessons from it is even cooler.

I attended the Leyden Lecture for the sole purpose of hearing an eye witness account of the Holocaust from Jack Repp. I had watched many movies with my family about the Holocaust, the families who were separated, and the aftermath of all the tradegies that happened, and to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to hear the accounts from someone who survived the Holocaust was amazing. Jack Repp didn't only tell us what hardships he had gone through but how life is so precious and that "God works in mysterious ways". I feel blessed to be able to have heard a lecture from someone who survived the Holocaust because in 10 years, others won't be able to hear eye witness accounts as I just did. Jack Repp was courageous enough to be able to share his powerful and meaningful stories with us even after all the hardships he has gone and I thank him for that because not everyone who survived these tragedies are as willingful as he is to share his story.

Today I attended the Leyden Lecture series with special guest Mr. Jack Repp. Mr. Repp is a Holocaust survivor. I learned today about the horrific things him and other Jewish people went through during the Holocaust. After listening to Mr. Repp's speech, I realized how lucky I am to be in the school I am in and have the things I have. As Mr. Repp said, "Life is beautiful". I now understand how to see the beauty in the smallest things, because there is the possibility that i could not have them one day.

In studying the Holocaust, one always hears about the horrendous things that happened, and how another one must be prevented at all costs. Yes, Mr. Repp talked about some of the horrible things he had to see - the hundreds of dead bodies and even having to dig through someone's stomach - and the importance or remembering and preventing. But he also made the Holocaust become less like a perverted and twisted fantasy scene to a sadly more tangible and real thing. He is a witness, and a survivor, but he is also an individual. The number six million is never realized until one encounters one of those faces, and the magnitude of the loss is made much more apparent. He also gives hope, for even he did see some good amid all the evil.

Being able to hear Jack Repp was pretty amazing. Just like in Maus we are able to hear from first person experiences which makes a bigger impact on out lives. Jack was able to share some pretty gruesome challenges he had to encounter. i think the part that impacted me the most is when he told us about the time he was hung a beaten until he was pretty much dead. or even the party when he was rescued and weighed only 69 pounds at the age of 21. 

As a student, it is important for me to hear about Holocaust survivors because there are very few left to tell their story and soon it will be up to me to pass down the history and stories of those who have survived or did not survive the terrible concentration camps and ostracism that went along with it. In a generation where no one my age has been forced to live through such horrid events as Mr. Repp,it is important to remember how much I take for granted. One tale Mr. Repp explained stuck out to me in sheer horror: one where a friend of his was caught eating a single bean therefore the officers sliced the man’s stomach open and commanded Mr. Repp to search inside its contents to find the bean. Mr. Repp’s vast memory seemed to impress every student and teacher alike in the audience, and the pure emotion that seeped through each upsetting story he told simply broke my heart.  Yet it is important for these stories to told, no matter how disturbing they are, in order for my generation and the ones that follow to remember never to allow such cruelty to exist again.

This lecture was truly inspirational. I heard a Holocaust survivor speak in seventh grade, and Jack Repp truly created an emotional connection with the students, as well as give us a perspective that our lives are better than they seem. The one prominent lesson I have learned from him is that life always has an opportunity to get better. Even through the darkest times, and seemingly impossible situations, life can turn around and God can and will always provide for us. Thank you, Jack Repp, for showing me your strength and tenacity; I respect you beyond imagination.

It was about a first-hand experience of the Holocaust. Jack Repp, a Holocaust survivor, described his experiences of being Jew in Poland. It was emotional and moving. He explained how he and his sister were the only two in his family to survive. Mr. Repp seemed to have moved back into those days as he was describing those horrible times that we now have a hard time imagining.

The speaker we had today was amazing. Often it is hard to envision such an event since it occurred over 80 years ago. However his story shed a new light on this event for me and I came away with a new understanding of the atrocities committed and the plight of the Jewish people. Mr. Repp was such a great example in addition, of how to make the best of any situation you are in. He is a new role model for me and I hope I can make the world that he loves so much a better place.

Jack Repp's story was very touching and inspiring. Leanring about the Holocaust has always interested me because the thought of it happening is so crazy.  His strength and will to live must be so great to survive and to live as long as he has. His jealousy of the butterfly is something indescribable to us. He was caged in while a butterfly was free to roam the world. Sharing his story is so brave because he has to think about the worst time of his life constantly. I'm sure he already does but this way he's informing others. There is great importance in learning about the Holocaust to make sure it is not repeated.

I really loved this lecture because of the personal point of view. We all learn about the Holocaust but never get the full understanding. This really put a lot of things into perspective for me. You can hear about events, such as 9/11, but never really experience the complete terror of the situation. I really enjoyed his personal stories of how he survived and how he adopted to everyday life. I honestly think that with his perspective I can really understand the mass horror of this event and all the other worldwide catastrophes. It was such an enlightening experience and I cannot wait until the next one.

I attended the lecture in August which pertained to the speaker's life and how he survived the holocaust. I thought it was very educational and a very touching story that he shared with us. I thought it was interesting how he was a thief. His story differed from others that I have heard before in the way that he was able to survive. Near the end of the speech he made a connection between the Nazis and Isis; I thought that was a very good point to bring to the table because people should know the past in order to not repeat its mistakes.

I loved hearing about the Holocaust from Mr. Repp, who actually experienced it. Most of the time, we learn about the Holocaust in vague, general, abstract concepts and ideas. Therefore it was fascinating to hear about the intricacies of it from someone who actually experienced it. My favorite part was the story about the tribunal. Overall, I loved this Leyden lecture!

I thought the lecture was very eye opening. The fact that he cannot tell everything he saw surprised me very much. The part where he talks about being hanged and beaten by the nazis almost until death but then cut down to work the next day shows the cruelty of the soldiers. He continued to see many moments of beauty even through the pain, it wasn't a single moment of revelation but instead his whole life. Losing family through the holocaust must be an extremely hard experience but he survived escaping with only 69 pounds of skin and bone.

Learning about the Holocaust is a has a way different effect when you hear someone talking about. Hearing him talk about how he was hit and beaten was really interesting because he tried to go into detail as much as he could and you do not learn about that in books. Also when he was talking about the job he had gotten he talked about it like it was the best thing that had ever happened to him during his experience through the Holocaust. When people asked him questions about how he knew when life was beautiful, he gave a very strong statement to teach us all. He was very emotional and then told us how he tried to be as strong as he could be during this experience. He had set an example for everyone to stand up for our selves, to be positive, and to always try to be as strong as you can be all the time.

Jack Repp at age 93 is an incredible human being. I was struck how he remembers the horror of his younger years. His tears are still fresh so many years later. He was known as 800238. Throughout his talk his message was loud and clear... God works in mysterious ways. Jack is a very gracious man. His heart is full of gratitude. I will always hold the memory of shaking his hand at the end of his lecture when my intention was to THANK him but instead, he shook my hand and THANKED me for attending.

I thought that the lecture was extremely eye-opening and informative. Mr. Repp's story of survival and perseverance is amazing, and hearing it first person made the events he told that much more lifelike. The talk provided a perspective on the Holocaust that I've never heard before, and it was a great reminder to always be thankful for what we have.

In the lecture he talked about his time in the concentration camps.  The struggles he faced and the challenges he has faced. For example when he was caught stealing and got teeth ripped out of his mouth, and when he volunteered because no one else would and got whipped on the back. He also spoke about his family and what it was like when he got out, like how long he stayed at the hospital and the home he stayed in. He told us about the beauty of life and that we should be greatful to be where we are and to be living the life we are living because things could be worse.

I attended the Holocaust lecture. This was a very inspirational story. To hear it from the man who went through it all made it 100 times better. I loved hearing from him and getting to know more about what it was actually like to be alive during this war. He not only was alive during it but he was put into the camps at auschwits and he is a survivor. Much love for him. I am amazed by what he was put through and how he made it through that hard time. I really wish I could say I did something so spectacular.

Today's lecture was truly amazing. Even though it was a bit hard to understand, Mr. Rep's story was a powerful one. Talking about hat he went through and what he endured must have been hard for him. It is an inspirational story that brought to my eyes that we take so much for granted, but other people don't have what we do. All in all it as a great story and I cannot wait for the next lecture!

The lecture I attended was about a holocaust survivor. His story showed me how lucky I am not to have to go through what he did to survive. His story showed me details about World War II that I never knew. One was about who was nicknamed " The Angel of Death", Dr Mengele. Overall, I am glad that I went to this Leyden Series because I was able to learn a lot of new things.

The Leyden Lecture series I attended was a Lecture about the presenters experiance through the holocaust. I found him and his story remarkable and fascinating. At 93 years of age he was able to address the crowd clearly and vividly. The way he linked the struggles of modern day with the Isis and Nazi germany was very good. His lecture was very human, down to earth, and thought provoking and i am glad i had the oppurtunity to hear his story.

Hearing a first hand encounter from someone who experienced the Holocaust was very moving. His vivid imagery and memories that he spoke of made me feel like I was  there with him. Although I can never experience what Jack Repp experienced, I feel that he has helped me realize the true agony that was felt throughout Europe at the time of World War II. His story of losing his brothers and both parents was both moving and saddening. I am grateful to have the opportunity to hear stories like Jack's so that I can have better insight into someone else's experiences, especially one as serious as the Holocaust.

I loved seeing how, even though he has been through so much struggle and greif in his life, he still continued to give praise to God. He inspires me to find the good in all situations and that the Lord has a plan for my life even if it might not look like it at the time. He reminds me that the world is bigger than myself and God can use me to bring others closer to him

Jack Repp's account of the Holocaust and his struggle to survive the ordeal was extraordinarily moving and one of my favorite Leyden Lectures to date. As important as it is to have historical documentaries and lessons that teach students about what the Holocaust was, I think it is also extremely important that students also get to hear about it firsthand from a survivor, because it adds a face and a real person and their story to the tragedy. This makes it much more personable and tangible for the students and gives them firsthand insight into the true horrors of concentration camps and the crimes of the Nazis. Especially as the years go on and the already few survivors grow older and eventually pass away, as many young people as possible should hear their stories so that these tales of the dire violations made against humanity can be passed down to future generations that will not have the valuable opportunity to speak to survivors. Repp's recounting of his life had a major impact on me, and reminded me just how precious life is and how important it to treat others with kindness and love, not hatred.

Hearing about Mr. Jack Repp's story was very eye opening and touching. It was inspiring to hear about his boldness and was fun how he would make jokes every now and then about his experiences. His willingness to be open to anything and everything we asked was surprising and very kind of him. Hearing about his days coming to America with new founded hope to restart and finding his sister was very touching. I was surprised that he told us about everything that happened to him including more personal moments. I was glad he came to speak because he was such a kind man that was willing to share everything with us.

I was really moved by the lecture. I read both of the Maus this summer. At that point, I didn't feel that sorry about the holocaust, because the books' the characters are mice. But today, I actually listened to the survivor and getting to know their stories. When he was telling the story emotionally, I can understand the things that actually happened to them. Through the holocaust, I understand the love between the lovers , families and even friends. The holocaust was made out of blood, that can't be forgotten.

Jack Repp's lecture about his experience enduring the Holocaust was incredibly inspiring to me. His positive attitude towards the beauty of life really stands out considering the trials that he endured. Something that really had an impact on me was the story about how he witnessed a mother give up her child so the child could live and be raised by the righteous Christians. It reminded of what true love is and how much a parent would sacrifice to keep their child safe, especially in such a dangerous time like the Holocaust. Another story that left an impression on me was the one in which he finds a diamond in someone's stomach and has his own gold filling ripped out of his gum, using his urine to clean the blood off his mouth. It really illustrates how horrible the Holocaust was for someone who may never be able to experience such an event. Repp was really interesting person to listen to; his self-description as a poor thief, driven survivor, and lasting example for future generations makes his story one that will not be easily forgotten.

The lecture I attended was the Holocaust survivor. This all started at the age of 13 and he didn't get liberated til he was 21. He was never afraid and always got beaten and still has marks from the beatings. His parents were taken from and killed as well as his other 3 siblings only him and his sister survived. This all happened in Poland, until he came to the United States and got taken care of. He was only 69 lbs when he came to the United States and never took like for granted he always lived in it.

It was a really moving experience to listen to Mr. Repp - we usually hear about the general terrors of the Holocaust from books. While book accounts are a privilege to read they don't really compare to seeing the face of a survivor and hearing emotion in their voice. There was no sugar-coating things that happened and I think that was very important. Despite how surprising and disturbing some of the events described were it's important to know just how terrible the Holocaust was and that it's something that affected people for their entire lives - changing them permanently. It's a more intimate way of realizing how blessed we are and how quickly things can change and never to take what you have for granted because one day everything might be gone.

I attended Jack Repp's lecture about his survival of the Holocaust. His speech was emotional and kept my attention to the very end. My favorite part of the Lecture was when he began to talk about the time he saw a young woman leave her baby on the steps of another family's door. It made me think about all the horrors of that time and how lucky he is to have survived. Most of all, It made me realize how lucky I am and how wonderful it is to be alive in this day and age.

I thought the lecture was a very moving speech. He talked about his experience and how his life has changed so much. He also said life had a purpose and that it was amazing even though he was in the holocaust. Mr Jack Repp also had some very interesting stories. I also learned some amazing lessons and that life will go on.

This lecture was an experience to me. It gave me a new perspective to how lucky I am. The best part of the lecture is learning about the experiences. I loved the speaker because he was a tough person who survived a lot.

I thought this lecture was amazing. The way he described his experiences was very real. It is also amazing how he believes that life is beautiful. You would think that if you see so much death, you would not care about life. Although, he treasures it.

I feel through this talk I learned that my life is not hard whatsoever. During his time he went through a lot both psychologically and physically. For me I feel that with the sharing of his experience it opens the eyes of the young ones. This experience shows that first world problems truly exist. That the internet being slow, mint gum making the ice water too cold, etc. are not real problems but rather a sense of brattiness. This presentation shows that we as the youth of today could not handle what Mr. Jack Repp went through.

This lecture was a very powerful story.  I have grown up learning about the Holocaust and what happened but hearing about someone who experienced gave me a different view point. I got a better understanding of what really happened.  Hearing his story i realized that my problems are nothing i can not handle. It really showed how believing in something and having hope can get you through anything.

The Leyden lecture given by a holocaust survivor, Jack Repp was a very moving speech. It opened my eyes to the holocaust, having a first hand witness and survivor of this horrible event. i have always read about this event, but having it explained by a first person witness with emotions really made me realize how unfortunate this historical event was. The fact that I also got to meet someone who survived this is also an amazing thing. Because in about 10 years, there will no longer be any alive holocaust survivors. I learned many more detailed things about the holocaust that only a survivor would know as well.

I thought the lecture was extremely interesting because, it was absolutely amazing the stories he told and the experiences he had to go through and endure and all the while never loos hop or complain. The lecture gave me a different outlook upon life, it showed how hope is something that you need to keep with you and always think about no matter what hardship you are going through.

Jack Repp was an excellent speaker who talked about his experience during the Holocaust. I liked how he would teach us the different languages he had to learn and speak during his life. I also liked the way he made the lecture funny by telling us his stories when he came to America. I really liked the way he talked about finding his sister and her reaction after the Holocaust. Along with him going back to school after surviving and how he did not give up and stayed with God.

Listening to the lecture really just made me think about how lucky I am. I get to grow up in a safe environment where I don't have to fear for my life. Mr. Repp also showed how anyone can overcome the worst of times by staying strong and saying "it's not my time." I believe those words are extremely powerful because it has the mentality of never giving up hope. The story of how Mr. Repp found his wife was also extremely cute.

The lecture that I attended was on August 30th and it was about a Holocaust survivor. He was apart of a family of seven: four brothers (including him) and an older sister. He and his sister were the only ones that survived the Holocaust. He found his sister at a nunnery and he knew she was still alive because he got a letter at his bar mitzvah. He was married to his wife for 50 years and they had three children but then she died. He then found another wife, Claire I believe, and she was also a Holocaust survivor. It was very hard to understand him because of his accent but it was inspiring to listen to him because he said that life is so beautiful and that he thanks God every day. He would always volunteer because he had no fear even if it meant he got his gold filing taken out by a dirty pari of pliers. He was very inspirational and I will remember his talk forever.

I really enjoyed this lecture series, it gave us a real look into what it was like during the holocaust. I especially enjoyed hearing about his time after the war, he actions mirrored those of Artie's father in Maus. He kept small things like the potato skins, and ate as much bread as he could showing he was still scarred from being almost starved to death. His talk also made me think back to the stories my grandma and great uncle tell me, they were also in WWII and after escaping a concentration camp literally ran from the germans to the free side of Germany. Overall he was a great speaker and was glad i went to see him. i am also very amazed at the fact that he can speak almost 5 languages and i can barely speak english.

The first of the Leyden lecture series, a talk from Jack Repp, Holocaust survivor, was very interesting and I enjoyed it. Two summers ago I vacationed in Germany and visited Dachau, the museum, of course, of the concentration camp. After walking through and learning so much more about what they endured, hearing Jack Repp say "I have had a beautiful life" took me by surprise. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Repp, always staying positive and having hope and faith. Through his talk it never seemed that at any point in his life he gave up. While being starving and thirsty himself, he still went out of his way to help and feed other. He always worked hard and did what he could to survive and help others do the same.

It was a very nice presentation, he spoke very well about his experience in the Holocaust. This ties very well to the theme of survival in our summer reading book of Maus. The way he described his struggles made me realize the benefit I have in my current life. I am able to attend a private school and always have a roof over my head. I hope to have another great speaker in the future!

Willie Baronet, We are all homeless

Lecture date: November 11, 2015

Link to speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3suseUtV-Yk

Student Comments:

Listening to this lecture about how everyone is homeless, has taught me that there are a lot of amazing people that don't have a home. Willie Baronet is a very influential person that has shown us all how important it is to treat everyone with respect. Homeless people deserve the same amount of self-respect. This Leyden Lecture has taught me how important it is to stop, and give everyone a smile. I will for sure stop and wave every time I see a homeless person on the street! 

He was a great speaker and I enjoyed listening to him!

- Kate Schindel 

I think that Mr. Baronet's idea of buying the sign, at least smiling, and/or talking with the homeless is a great idea that I would like to adopt. It really broke my heart to see that many veterans, artists, and mentally disabled people were on the streets. I liked the story of a man named Michael who was a veteran who lost his leg. He and a Lakota Native American named Running Bull would share their money with each other to help as much as possible. I also asked Mr. Baronet what was the reason that kept the people he met going. He said that some would say their pets, some close friend that they had each others back, and family or someone they were taking care of.

-Theo Uhrik

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