Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to buy Office 365?

A: You do not need to purchase Office 365. The school will be providing it to your student. It is a wholly online version of a set of Microsoft Office applications… this means the computer using it must be connected to the Internet. The only thing you would need to purchase, if you needed or wanted it, is a copy of Microsoft Office (Student Edition if your student needed to work while not connected to the Internet.

Q: Can I run Windows 10?  Newer laptops all come with Windows 10?

A: Yes. All current school computers, including those in the library and computer labs, currently run Windows 7 but the plan is for them to run Windows 10 for the 2016-2017 school year.  You can use Windows 7, 8 or 10 or whatever operating system you are comfortable using. 


Q: Can I run Windows 7?  I have a laptop but it doesn't run Windows 10?

A: Yes.  You can use Windows 7, 8 or 10 or whatever operating system you are comfortable using. 

 Q: Do I have to have a new laptop?

A: Absolutely not!  There are a number of vendors who sell refurbished used laptops that will meet your needs. We recommend viewing the website for the manufacturer and looking for key words like "clearance," "refurbished," "certified," and "budget buys."

Q: For the 2016-2017 school year can I use an iPad or another tablet in place of a laptop?

A: No.  Students need to bring in a laptop.  However, you can use a tablet as a companion device.  The primary device must be a laptop onto which they can load software.

Q: For the 2016-2017 school year can I use a Microsoft Surface RT?  

A: The Microsoft Surface RT is a tablet, not a laptop. Your Surface RT can be a companion device but cannot be your only device.  You can use a Surface Pro 3, just not the RT.

Q: Can I use a Macbook Air for my laptop?

A: Yes. 

Q: Will the school register my student's laptop?

A: No.

Q: Why doesn’t my Mac laptop connect to BLBYOD wireless?

A: We have noticed a couple Macs running OS 10.7.2 have problems auto-joining the BLBYOD wireless network. Please bring your Mac to the Technology Office for assistance.

Q: Why doesn’t my wireless device remember to join the BLBYOD wifi network when I come to school?

A:Be sure your wireless network is BLBYOD and not the Setup or any other network on the list... BLBYOD is your friend.

Q: There are a lot of places to buy ebooks.  Can I buy from any vendor?

A: While you can certainly purchase from any vendor you wish there are some important considerations.  The most important is whether or not the book you're buying has an expiration date.  The vendor behind the BL Virtual Bookstore, MBS, will advise you the terms of your access, which will accommodate the BL Academic calendar.  Other vendors may have shorter terms, so please be sure to read the fine print carefully if you choose a vendor other than MBS.

Additional considerations include the platform that the content will run on.  For example, if your device is an iPad, be sure that the ebook vendor you choose supports your version of the iPad (or Android or Windows, of course).  There is currently no universal platform for digital materials.

Lastly, be sure of the edition of the book you're choosing if you choose a vendor other than MBS via the BL Virtual Bookstore. In some cases the title may be the same but the content may have a different publication date or edition.

Q: Will there be additional power added to classrooms in case the battery dies?

A: Yes!  We are installing power strips in the classrooms.  Please encourage your child to bring in a fully charged device each day.  Additionally, there are a variety of universal portable power packs available that will charge any devices that can connect via USB (including iPads)  [Search terms:  usb portable laptop rechargeable battery].

Q: What kind of device should my child bring?

A: For the 2016-2017 school year you must have a laptop; you may, optionally, also have a tablet, like the iPad.  The laptop must have the Respondus Browser installed (see for more information about the Respondus Browser). 

Q: Do I need a laptop and an iPad?

A: No.  For the 2016-2017 school year you must have a laptop; you may, optionally, also have a tablet, like the iPad, but your primary device must be a laptop.  

Q: We have a really old laptop, running Windows 98 or XP.  What versions of Windows will be supported?

A: Please see the System Requirements page (  for details.  

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