Justin Wren '05, Working with Pygmies,D.R. of the Congo


It seems like I get to love kids like these for a living ... Get them and their families new land, give them clean water, start farming projects, share the love of God, practically & radically with them, etc... "Is this real life?!?!" Thank you Lord!   – May 27, 2015 Facebook Post

4 years ago I made the best decision I'll ever make! Even though my childhood dream became my reality (UFC), I still became a depressed, drunk, drug addict who was in a very dark and dangerous place. I hated religion (still do) and thought I couldn't turn to or believe in God ... But then a man told me that real people, with real problems, REALLY need a real God with real answers. It struck a chord deep in my soul ... Then this angry, confused, and self-destructing fighter guy decided to tapout, surrender my life, and give my heart to God and see what He could do with this mess of a dude. God loved the mess out of me & loved the hell away from me. I'm still a BIG work-in-progress, but I was FOREVER changed. I used to make a living by fighting against people, but now I love living by fighting for people. I went from fighting for my life (suicidal drug addict) in the world’s most extravagant comfort zone to fighting for the lives of others in a desperate conflict zone. God's given me the most beautiful bride-to-be, He has set my heart on fire, and He has given my life a purpose. I thought I knew what passion was B.C. but I had no idea! Thank you, Father! I don't deserve your love, but because you've decided to give it, I will happily receive it, run with it, hoping others see it, and catch fire, as well. "Set me on fire, Lord, and let the world watch me burn." Jesus, thank you for doing what I never could, bearing the weight of the world. Jesus, thank you for taking the burden of the world so we don't have to walk around with one. Jesus, thank you for modeling what all of us were created to do ... Simply, but radically love God and intentionally love people. Help me and others love the hell out of this world with the same "no-strings-attached" kind of love that you demonstrated and still lavishly distribute. You are amazing, God. AH-mazing! Thank you for giving me a reason to live, a wife to love, a people to fight for, a country to change, a God to serve and a Father to love. –May 5, 2015 Facebook Post

Freedom in the Congo: http://vimeo.com/109140545

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