Friar Friends Mission Statement

Friar Friends is a parent volunteer organization committed to the tenets of community, parental involvement and friendship. Our mission is to provide a network of parent volunteers who are dedicated to supporting those who are new to the Bishop Lynch community.


At the beginning of the summer, Welcome Parties are organized for new moms to meet and exchange information with experienced BL moms. Our goal is to make sure that every mom feels welcome and connected to the Bishop Lynch family.  To foster these relationships with other moms in the grade, Class Coordinators organize a couple socials during the school year for the moms in the grade.  This continues through senior year culminating with a big social at the end of the senior year celebrating our children’s college choices.  In addition, Faith Based Book Clubs and Rosary Groups provide social as well as spiritual support.  There is a morning and evening book club who meet weekly. The rosary group meets the first Tuesday of every month in the Chapel at school following the morning mass (approx 8:15).  The Moms in Touch group meets once a month on Friday to pray for all the BL kids. 


Susan Luce 

Class Socials Coordinators


Faith Based Book Club Coordinator

Terry Hopkins-Corpuz  214/686-3997

Rosary Coordinator

Mary Huntress 214/763-2096


Here is a list of our 2016-2017 Friar Friends who would be happy to answer any questions you may have:



 Sandy Standbury

 Terry Hopkins-Corpiz  Keri McCall  Cyndee Cole

 Nancy Dowling

 Shannon Kaul  Angela Thornhill  Michelle Mazur
 Patti Miller  Michelle Small

 Karen Decker

 Lisa Bautz

 Lisa Youngblood

 Jen Neenan  Kim Maher  Michelle Holter

 Kendra Lister

 Lisa Daves  Alisa Sikorski  Rebecca Rutherford

 Allison Schwartz

 Phoebe Sisk  Stacy Schmierer  Louise Gannon

 Evelyn Campbell

 Rose Ann Collier  Karen Hettrick  Sabrina Carter

 Kyle Saunders

 Connie Prill  Shelly Edwards  Venus Jenkins

 Julie Furlong

 Carmen Marsh  Kim Cardinale  Melissa Elliott                     
 Mendi Lancaster

  Patty Williams

 T. Simmone Malone  Sue Chambers                     

 Stacy Corrie                            

  Nicole Likes    Tina Theodore

 Erin Becker

 Lawra Duy                                       

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