The quality of teaching - and the character of our teachers - is what makes Bishop Lynch truly special. Sixty percent of our faculty hold advanced degrees in the arts, science, language, math, and English. Three PhDs on staff represent classes in American History, Texas History, and Chemistry. All of our faculty are available for tutoring either before or after school.

Bishop Lynch faculty and staff members truly value the tradition and mission of the school. Over sixteen percent of all full-time employees are alumni.

Faculty Listing

An alphabetical listing of all faculty members is available below. To view an entire department, please use the menu above. TO ACCESS A TEACHER'S WEBSITE, CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE DEPARTMENT COLUMN.

* Please Note: As of March 12, 2014, BL extensions are FOUR digits... if you see a 3 digit extension anywhere, please use the number 4 as a prefix.... 4123 instead of just 123

Mr. John Athas 4283 Fine Arts
Mr. Andrew Balettie 4119 Fine Arts
Mr. Randy Becker 4105 Math
Mrs. Loralee Berg 4315 Math
Mr. Frank Brown 4309 Fine Arts
Ms. Beth Burau 4370 German
Mr. Joseph Burnham 4306 Theology
Mr. Darrell Burris 4337 Social Studies
Ms. Annette Butler 4346 Theology
Mr. Billy Clark 4123 Physical Education
Mr. Robert Clark   Fine Arts
Mr. David Cogswell 4360 Science
Ms. Katy Crawford 4318 French
Ms. Denise DiBiase 4373 English
Ms. Katie Dorsey 4308 Theology
Ms. Amy Duke 4324 Math
Ms. Cyndi Dumas 4317 English
Ms. Michelle Dunkins 4369 English
Ms. Allison Elliott 4314 Fine Arts
Mr. Lee Ferrell 4173 Science
Mr. Louie Floresca 4352 Computer Education
Deacon Bill Fobes 4133 Theology
Mr. Paul Gardner 4336 Math
Ms. Kay Gentsch 4342 Business/Computer Education
Ms. Donna Glennon 4351 Fine Arts
Mr. Pete Grieder 4313 Math
Mr. Mike Hall 4340 Math
Ms. Jennifer Hardey 4329 Theology
Mr. Darrin Hedges 4338 Science
Mr. Mike Hopper 4224  
Mr. Gray Huggins 4149 Computer Education
Mr. Joseph Inman 4320 English
Mr. Corey Johnson 4356 Fine Arts
Mr. Edmund Jones 4343 Social Studies
Mr. Stuart Kantor 4354 English
Ms. Gloria Kenyon 4154 Fine Arts
Ms. Lee Kinnett 4172 English
Mr. Barry Knott 4130 Math
Mrs. Kathy Leos 4296 Fine Arts
Ms. Michele Longoria 4353 English/Athletics
Ms. Doran Lopez 4372 Foreign Language
Ms. Sharon Maclin 4377 Science
Mrs. Pam Malouf 4113  Social Studies
Mr. Kyle May 4322 Physical Education
Mr. Paul May 4303 Business
Ms. Petra Mehen 4371 Theology
Mr. Mark Melancon 4348 Social Studies
Ms. Margarita Morales 4323 Math
Mr. Diego Morillo 4375 Foreign Language
Dr. Mark Morris 4345 Social Studies
Mr. Clayton Nester 4374 Computer Education
Ms. Maresa Nieswiadomy 4327 Theology
Mr. Cody Norris 4311 Science
Ms. Ana Osborne 4366 Foreign Language
Dr. John Parnell 4305 Social Studies
Ms. Rose Persinger 4301 English
Ms. Laura Pfeil 4328 Science
Ms. Rachele Piazza 4310 Math
Ms. Pam Price 4326 Science
Ms. Maggie Raymond 4331 English
Ms. Lori Rodriguez 4286 English
Ms. Maria Rodriguez 4330 Foreign Language
Ms. Miranda Russell 4171 Foreign Language
Ms. Peggy Sanders 4379 Theology
Ms. Kit Sawyer 4157 Fine Arts
Ms. Cari Schnurr 4110 Social Studies
Mr. Eric Schreiber 4174 Theology
Mr. John Searson 4368 Social Studies
Sr. Cecilia Sehr 4138 Science
Ms. Vicki Shafer 4307 Foreign Language
Mr. Bill Storey 4339 English
Ms. Beth Storm 4378 Social Studies
Ms. Delaine Taylor 4334 Science
Ms. Kristie Wainwright 4358 Science
Mr. Jerry Waldon 4355 Social Studies
Ms. Amy Wheeler 4362 Social Studies
Ms. Katie Williams 4304 Math
Ms. Sara Weiss 4363 Math
Mr. Evan Wormsbecher 4357 Theology
Mr. David Wright 4142 Math

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